About the UQ-Ochsner Program

The UQ-Ochsner Program is a four-year, graduate entry medical education program which is accredited by the Australian Medical Council.

Students in our program receive their medical degree from the University of Queensland, one of the top 50 medical programs in the world. The degree granted by UQ is the ‘Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery’ degree, better known as the MBBS degree. The MBBS degree, which is very common in countries outside of North America including Britain, Ireland, Europe, and India, is the equivalent of a Medical Doctor (MD) degree in the United States and is recognized as such by all 50 U.S. states. Beginning with the class of 2015, UQ will be awarding an MD degree.

One of the hallmarks of the UQ-OCS program is that it provides its students with the unique opportunity to study abroad, while benefitting from completing their clinical rotations at an American hospital.

The Program’s four-year curriculum comprises two parts.

Phase 1

  • Our students complete Years 1& 2, also known as the “basic sciences” years, at the University of Queensland in Australia.
  • The School of Medicine has 2 campuses in Queensland; one in St. Lucia, a suburb of Brisbane, and one at a neighboring town called Ipswich, roughly a 45 minute commute to Brisbane. UQ-OCS Phase 1 students will be assigned to one campus for the duration of the 2 years in Australia. Assignment is random unless a student wishes to opt-in for placement at Ipswich. Students may not request placement at the St. Lucia campus.
  • During Phase 1, UQ-OCS students are an integrated part of the larger University of Queensland medical school class.
  • Though the School of Medicine class size is usually around 500 students, UQ-OCS slots are capped at 120 students. The class of 2016 will be the first class to reach the cap of 120.

Phase 2

  • UQ-OCS students complete Years 3 & 4, the “clinical sciences” years, or rotations, at the Ochsner Clinical School in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • The majority of the rotations will take place at the hospital’s main campus, but certain rotations periodically require students to travel to neighboring suburbs.
  • In year 4, all students will be required to return to Australia to complete an 8 week rotation. Students are responsible for financing their return to Australia as well as all expenses incurred during that time.
  • Upon completion of the MBBS degree and the U.S. Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE), our graduates are qualified to practice medicine in both the United States and Australia.

The program graduated its inaugural class in December 2012. There are currently nine students in the Class of 2012, 33 students in the Class of 2013, 30 students in the Class of 2014, and 68 students in the Class of 2015.