Ochsner Student’s Oath

In entering into my clinical education, I solemnly pledge to fulfill, to the best of my ability, with passion and strength, this covenant:

  • To Serve I will put the needs and interests of my patients, their families, and our community before my own and will make a genuine effort to do my best every day in service to society to save and change lives.
  • To Heal I will be aware of the suffering of others and demonstrate empathy in the practice of medicine to relieve their suffering while respecting the autonomy, confidentiality, and values of my patients through holistic and compassionate care.
  • To Lead I will honor The University of Queensland School of Medicine and Ochsner Medical System’s rich tradition of teaching and research excellence and commit to the highest standards of academic honesty, professional conduct and ethical practice, scientific integrity, and respect for collegial teamwork in the provision of healthcare.
  • To Educate I will make a commitment to lifelong learning and self-improvement and will share freely that knowledge with others.
  • To Innovate I will combine the high-tech skills of cutting edge medical science, research, and technology with the high touch skills of communication, empathy, and compassion.”