Academic Advice

Academic excellence is the cornerstone of medical education and as such the Phase II Academic Officer’s role is to act in any capacity available to improve the academic experience and opportunities for the UQ-Ochsner cohort, with academic and scientific rigor as the ineluctable basis of all actions in the Academic Office. As a student advocate the Academic Officer will assist any UQ-Ochsner students with concerns or issues pertaining to clinical education in Phase II, from answering individual questions to advocating on students’ behalf to the faculty. Post-graduate education and USMLE is also a focus with resources and information pertinent to these topics kept up to date on the OMSA website. Focus will be on Step 2 of the USMLE as well as relevant information regarding ECFMG and match requirements as well as specific questions from students. Lastly, with the best interests of the medical education of the cohort in mind, the Academic Officer will regularly interface with the relevant faculty at OCS to discuss any problems with and possible improvements to the clinical education of UQ-Ochsner students.

Rotation Profiles

The following profiles were compiled from input of prior classes and recently edited by the class of 2017.  Although we have endeavored to make them as accurate and constructive as possible, they are based on subjective opinion and are not an official record of the Ochsner Clinical School.  Furthermore, changes in the rotation heads, contacts and curricula may not be accurately reflected.  These are considered a rough reference as a general idea of what to expect for each rotation.  For official information, please refer to the BlackBoard (, New Innovations or contact

3rd Year Rotations

4th Year Rotations