American Medical Student Association (AMSA)


Leadership: (President) Billie Hsieh

(VP) Neharika Khurana

(Secretary) Ritika Johal

(Treasurer) Ana Salabasheva

Attending: Dr. Diane Davis
FB Group: AMSA UQ-Ochsner Chapter

The UQ Chapter of the American Medical Student Association, or AMSA, is a collaboration of Phase I and II American students who are both abroad and here at Ochsner. Recently reestablished after near closure last year, this is a new and improved group to get involved with! While it may have been recently revived here at Ochsner, AMSA is a long standing organization in which many residency programs expect applicants to be a part of. Becoming a member of the UQ chapter will expose you to many exciting opportunities, such as being eligible to attend AMSA conventions, where you can network with other students and professionals, attend residency application workshops, and enhance and further your medical education.

To become a member, go to or look for upcoming UQ Chapter events!