Leadership: (President) Gabrielle Frisenda

(VP) Anna Kumar

(Treasurer) Daniel Park

Attending: Dr. Serena Teng
FB Group: Ochsner Anesthesiology Interest Group


The UQ-Ochsner anesthesia interest group is an important part of the medical school experience for students interested in anesthesia exposure. The group also plays a vital role in mentoring those deciding to pursue a career in anesthesia.

The group was started by Randal Hooper and Ryan Latimer and held their inaugural meeting in 2012. Since its creation, this group has made a name for itself within the OMSA realm. In 2016, we made a major contribution to the Safe Anesthesia Care Act and obtained enough signatures to boost the state of Louisiana to being third in the nation. We continually strive to build upon the prior year’s legacy.

In addition to being versed in current anesthesia topics, we coordinate extracurricular events with an emphasis on hands-on activities, journal clubs, and student-faculty interactions. Members work with the Department of Anesthesiology at Ochsner and are fully supported by them.

If you are interested in becoming a member contact us via email us, check out our website, or request to join our Facebook group!

Our Mission:

* Exposing interested students to the field of anesthesia

* Employing students with the skills needed to perform procedures related to anesthesia

* Bringing students and faculty closer together in the working environment