Emergency Medicine

Leadership: (President) John Collins

(VP) Hannah Mezan

(Simulation Chair) Scott Bugsch

(Journal Club Chair) Gage Stuntz

 Attending:  Dr. Shae Sauncy
 Email:  uq.ochsneremig@gmail.com
Website:  EMIG








The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) is dedicated to informing students interested in Emergency Medicine of the latest and greatest information related to EM. This specialty has become more competitive over the recent years and we aim to help each other in successfully navigating the requirements necessary for a competitive application and match. We also host EM residents, faculty advisors and program directors for informational talks regarding all things EM. Late in the year, we’ll host a skills workshop to teach ultrasound, suturing, splinting and other essential skills to help you excel on your EM elective.

Come to one of our meetings for more information or contact our group!