Leadership: (Co-President) Jeffrey Rebhun

(Co-President) Rhett Bouche

(Co-President) Quoc Nguyen

(Treasurer) Anup Solsi

(Treasurer) Sharif Palmer

Attending: Dr. Andrew Steven & Dr. Juan Gimenez
FB Group: OMSA Radiology Interest Group

The Radiology Interest Group (RIG) aims to encourage interest in the field of Radiology within the Ochsner cohort by hosting interactive sessions and lectures, enabling students to better understand what radiologists do, in addition to learning about the various subspecialties and imaging modalities. We have a variety of meetings, from lectures to hands on experience like interventional radiology workshops. We also have joint meetings with other interest groups, demonstrating the wide breadth of Radiology and how it is an important aspect in the multidisciplinary care of patients. As an organization, part of our mission is to assist students who are interested in a career in Radiology and get them connected with faculty members and mentors to organize research opportunities, as well as to provide guidance about the residency application process and the pathways available. We hope to see you at our next event!