Rotation – Psychiatry

Avg. time commitment – 35 – 40 hours/week

Clerkship Director
David Galarneau, MD

Clerkship Coordinator: Jaclyn Ostrander

Residency Program Director (LSU-Ochsner): Dean Hickman, MD

Dress Code

  • Clinical attire at all times

Typical Schedule

  • 4 weeks: Inpatient
  • 2 weeks: Neurology
  • 2 weeks: Outpatient/Consult Team
  • Lectures: T/Th afternoons

Relevant Locations

  • Split between Main Campus, St. Charles, and St. Anne

Recommended Pocket Resources

  • Neurology Rotation – Stethoscope, Pen Light, Neuro kit
  • Psych Interview Template
  • MSE Template

Most Used Clinical Skills


  • H&P, MSE, Risk Assessment
  • Epic: .dghpi, .psychiatricros


  • Neuro exam
  • H&P, SOAP Presentation

Recommended Study Resources

  • First Aid Psychiatry
  • Dr. Galarneau’s Dropbox
  • DSM V
  • Blackboard Resources – most of the MCQ questions will come from blackboard lectures


  • VIVA – 40%
  • Clinical Interview – 30%
  • MCQ Exam – 30%
  • CPAs – P/F

Pearls for Success

  • Learn the diagnostic criteria for key diagnoses
  • Practice, practice, practice clinical interviews and taking good H&Ps as well as VIVA cases
  • VIVA case will come from the UQ Curriculum list – know how to manage common diagnoses – mood disorders, psychiatric disorders, personality disorders, and eating disorders
  • You will have to know dosages
  • Read about child and adolescent psychiatry since they will be part of the Shelf exam