Community Outreach

The office of Community Outreach is dedicated to facilitating opportunities for UQ-OCS students to give back to the community, both in the New Orleans area as well as several projects abroad. As an organization we believe it is critical for students to invest themselves in community service projects as a way of enriching their time in medical school. As such, we are open to hearing about any projects that our students might be interested in, and of which we are unaware, so if you have something you would like help with, please let us know at

Upcoming Events
  • 22nd (11-12:30pm): STAR Luncheon – Brent House Conference (Sign up)
  • 28th (9:30-11:30am): STAR Skills Training – SIM Lab (Sign up)
  • 28th: Heart Disease Presentation – Second Baptist Church (Sign up)
  • 29th (1-3:30pm): STAR Mock Clinical Exam – SIM Lab (Sign up)
  •  9th-16th: PIG S.H.A.P.E. NOLA (Sign up)
  • 15th: Ochsner Community Outreach Build a Greenhouse (Sign up)
  • 26th (12:30-2:30pm): Health Skills Training – SIM Lab (Sign up)
  • 30th: BP & BGL Checks at New Vision Church (Sign up)
  • 12th: Moving For Life Family Fun Fest BP & BGL Checks (Sign up)
  • 27th: New Orleans Musician’s Clinic Blood Drive (Sign up)
  • 9th: Movin’ For Life BP & BGL Checks (Sign up)
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Long Term Projects


Looking for 2 third year students to take the lead on projects with clinics at Baptist Community Health Services (BCHS) in the lower 9th ward. This neighborhood was one of the worst affected by Katrina, and is still recovering. Although it is greatly medically underserved, various NGOs and BCHS are involved with innovative and creative projects to address the neighborhood’s needs. Projects that need to be maintained include: healthy cooking classes, weekend fitness activities, and organizing for fellow students to volunteer at the clinic itself. This is in addition to being the liaison for various health fairs and other short-term events BCHS is involved with. If you are interested in being one of the point people for community outreach projects with BCHS, please send in a small blurb to by June 30th about why you want the job!

Requirements: Taken and passed Step 1. Must in the class of 2018.


New Orleans Area Habitat Young Professionals (HYP NOLA) seeks to engage socially conscious young professionals in the greater New Orleans Area. HYP NOLA is comprised of young professionals in diverse industries and varied backgrounds, with a common goal of supporting and fostering NOAHH and its initiatives to alleviate substandard housing in New Orleans. The mission of HYP NOLA is to lead NOAHH’s initiatives in raising local awareness, fundraising, and outreach by supporting NOAHH with their expertise and talent, providing guidance and insights, and advocating for the affiliate. HYP NOLA members are involved in quarterly social events for raising awareness about NOAHH, quarterly builds on NOAHH work sites, dedications and wall raising ceremonies of NOAHH homes, and leadership and networking opportunities with the affiliate.

Time commitment: Volunteers are expected to attend a minimum of 2 builds per year, as well as 1 fundraising/social event and all meetings throughout the year.


Miracle League is a program that provides disabled children, the opportunity to play league sports and enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of being part of a team. Volunteers must be willing to commit 8 weeks. They will act as “buddies” or coaches to support, assist, and cheer on their child player at each of the weekly 1-hr games. If you sign up, you will be emailed an application. Upcoming leagues include:

-Summer Basketball (June-July) Saturday morning games for both age groups 6-12yo and >13yo. Please sign up and email applications to ASAP.

-Fall Baseball (Sep-Nov) 6-12yo bracket plays Sat mornings, while >13yo bracket plays Thurs nights at 6pm or 7pm. Please sign up and email applications to


Walk with a Doc is a national organization of physicians and medical student led walks in the community, Each walk is started with a quick 5 minute talk on any health topic. Our kickoff walk will be Sunday, May 21 at 8am in Audubon Park. All other walks will be Tuesdays at 5:30pm at Brent House until further notice.

See our webpage on their site for more info:

If you know a doctor who may be interested, email


Dr. Larriviere is working ALSA (ALS Society of America) to obtain recording equipment and software that will allow ALS patients to record and bank their voices before they are unable to speak. Their voices can then be used in whatever augmented communication device they decide to use when they are no longer able to speak.

Looking for students (especially those with an interest in neurology) to volunteer to help Ochsner patients with ALS to create a recording of their voice before they lose the ability to speak.  Students are trained in the use of recording software (very simple) and assigned to a patient in teams of two. Time commitment is approximately 4-5 two-hour long recording sessions for a single patient.  All recording sessions are on Saturdays from 8 am – 2 pm., scheduled at the convenience of you and your patient.

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A joint project between UQ-OCS, Eat Fit NOLA, and the Southern Food and Beverage Museum where we hold monthly events discussing how food impacts a specific aspect of our health. Each presentation includes a cooking demo with a local chef. We’ll need a coordinator as well as 1-2 volunteers every month to give the presentation. We are currently in discussion with the museum to see how they plan to program this event going forward so some details are subject to change.

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Looking for students to teach the following classes: boot camp/circuit training, run/walk group, yoga, or water aerobics. Time commitment is about 2-4 hour long classes per rotation.

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A student lead waste management initiative working with Ochsner Health System to increase awareness and hospital-wide engagement in a recycling program. Ochsner is one of the largest independent academic health systems in the United States and Louisiana’s largest not-for-profit health system. As a leader in healthcare, it is our duty to take action in the health of the planet. Ochsner is taking initiative by implementing a new recycling program! The program is going to focus on education, accessibility, and simplicity. We are looking for people to get on board!

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Brand new project! Looking for students excited about gardening and teaching community members how to eat healthy. Time commitment will be variable depending on the stage the project is in.

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A clinic that offers students the chance to take a hands-on approach in providing basic healthcare and health assessment to the people of New Orleans at no cost. The majority of patients are exclusively Spanish-speaking so language skills are a must. A basic language exam is administered and participation necessitates a passing score.

  • Women’s night: working with Dr. Veronica Gillispie, students will learn the essential aspects of well women’s health screening and how best to provide complete care in a resource-limited setting. An eye-opening and amazing experience, we’re looking to have a small group of dedicated students that works this night (4th Wednesday of every month) to ensure continuity and the best possible care for our patients.

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