The University of Queensland-Ochsner Clinical School highly recommends for students to participate in research. It is encouraged to start research while in Australia during Phase 1, and should be considered a requirement while at Ochsner during Phase 2. Students are eligible for UQ-sponsored, research-based programs leading to an MBBS Honours degree or to dual degrees – MBBS/MPhil (Master of Philosophy, equivalent to a Master of Science in the US) or MBBS/PhD (Doctor of Philosophy).  Students not wishing to enroll in a formal research program can also participate in ongoing research activities pending acceptance and approval by the appropriate investigators. There are numerous research opportunities at UQ and Ochsner and these should be taken advantage of!

If you need help in getting started on the search for projects available, please contact

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Research Activity Log

If you are currently participating in or have participated in research at UQ or at Ochsner, please fill in this form so we can have a log of research activity of current students and alumni:

Clinical Research Training Requirement

Per Ochsner’s IRB, it is mandatory to complete the Basic Course in Human Subject Research for Investigators and Clinical Research Coordinators. The course has 18 modules with each module followed by 0-5 questions, and it should take only a few hours. Register at and choose Ochsner Clinic Foundation as the institution.

Once the 18 modules are completed, go to the ERSA website ( and register to view your completed Human Subjects Research training courses.